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Preventive maintenance starts in your home

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To keep your electrical, heating, or cooling equipment in top condition, you must make sure it gets periodic preventive maintenance. Avoid large utility bills, potential breakdowns, and threats to your safety by hiring us to check out your systems.


If you've had an electrical system installed by us, preventive maintenance is doubly important so that we can honor the warranties that come with the equipment. Don't delay your next maintenance check-up when we're around in the Toledo region.

Read about some maintenance tips you can follow to help prolong the life of your electrical and HVAC system.

"I've known Mike and Terry about 6 or 7 years now. I purchased a new modulating furnace from them about 5 years ago and it's worked great."

- Mike Green, Graphic Designer

Find and prevent major problems before they turn into a huge expense for you!

Upgrade Your Property's Electrical System

Facing electrical troubles at home? It's time to replace your electrical panel by the certified technicians at Action Heating, Air Conditioning & Electrical. When you find your lights flickering often or your fuses blowing, it's best to call us in to handle the issues.

We have a great reputation in the Greater Toledo area.

Amazing reputation

From installing a new electrical system and ceiling fans to rewiring the entire setup during your remodeling project, we'll make sure your electrical system is up-to-date. Your safety is a priority, which is why all our work is licensed and insured.

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