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CO poses serious threats to your life. Protect yourself now!

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Q. What types of equipment produce carbon monoxide?

A. Carbon monoxide is emitted in acceptable quantities from coal, oil, and gas appliances. Properly ventilated equipment should not produce detectable levels and should internally produce less than 100 ppm of carbon monoxide.

Un-vented appliances such as ovens should produce less than 50 ppm of carbon monoxide and must be operated with adequate ventilation for short periods of time. Hence, proper ventilation is required especially during warm-ups and self-cleaning operations.


Q. Can I assume that there are no dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in my home if the detector doesn't go off?

A. Standard carbon monoxide detectors cannot detect low levels of CO in the atmosphere. The outdoor EPA limit is 9 ppm. You need to contact a certified analyst who has the ability to inspect and fix the problem or purchase an efficient detector than can detect high and low levels of CO.

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Carbon Monoxide – Symptoms and Dangers

Q. What is carbon monoxide?

A. Carbon Monoxide is a gas emitted from household appliances that can lead to illness and death. Common symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are rapid heartbeats, memory loss, headaches, sore throats, etc.

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